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Customer Service

Delivering a seamless extension of your brand through top-quality customer service.

The Contact Company will work closely with you to identify the exact needs for your service and structure a well-developed customer service strategy.

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Insight Analysis

Delivering a quality service is at the heart of The Contact Company. As your customers’ first point of contact, we are here to help achieve outstanding results and capture invaluable feedback. Consumer expectations are raised almost daily; it is tough to baseline what ‘good’ looks like.

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Multilingual Services

The Contact Company is a hub that can support your global adventures through our talented multilingual employees and fantastic offshore partners.

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Office Working Solution

Our office is located at the heart of Birkenhead. Within minutes of local transport through both buses and trains, our buildings are accessible to colleagues who live in and around Merseyside and Cheshire area.

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Working from Home Solution

We understand the importance of flexibility. At The Contact Company, we can offer that flexibility by having a working-from-home and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution to meet your needs.

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