Financial Services

Working with several large Financial Service businesses, The Contact Company (TCC) understands that their customer’s information needs to be secure and protected to ensure it remains out of the wrong hands. Having Government-audited technology infrastructure and Class A infrastructure resiliency means that we can operate our service with the highest level of technology delivery mitigation possible.

An example of one of our Financial Service partnerships started in 2013 in which TCC supports their customers through inbound phone queries covering:

  • Payments
  • Amending contact details
  • Account queries
  • Changing credit limits
  • Lost and stolen
  • Disputes
  • Complaints
  • Reporting a vulnerability or advising of financial struggles

We were able to support our client’s requirement in utilising a number of their systems within our network, including TCI as the primary system for accessing customer accounts, Respond to log complaints, and Ask Genie, which contains information on all of the processes that representatives are required to follow as well as all of the briefs sent out by the client.

Being an extension of our client, TCC integrates their values from enrolment, ensuring that the applicants we recruit embody them whilst reinforcing these values through training and throughout the colleague’s employment.

To ensure that representatives are displaying all values and maintaining the high level of service delivery expected by both TCC and its client, representatives are assessed through the monitoring of call quality, average handling time, hours delivery, and interval delivery, amongst other metrics.

From straightforward transactional activity to highly complex F.C.A. regulated activity, our focus with our FS clients is to offer the customers the same great experience as all our other support sectors, but with the added awareness and focus on the required compliance elements to deliver high-quality financial servicing.

Whilst we recognise and work within the required regulations and provide a compliant environment, we still work with our clients to offer their customers the best experience possible.

This, in turn, drives customer loyalty and upsell/cross-sell opportunities to our Financial Services partners, ultimately controlling and reducing the cost to serve whilst increasing their customer base and revenue generation opportunities.

Equally, we always focus on exploring opportunities to increase customer product usage and offer enhanced or new services based on the customers’ circumstances and needs. In-house compliance and training expertise mean we can quickly and safely react and deal with unexpected or unusual events, regardless of the client or nuances of your service and product offering.

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