Buying online has quickly become the preferred method of shopping due to its convenience. At The Contact Company (TCC), we understand the importance of providing swift and easy customer service solutions to ensure they receive the best and most efficient experience.

Our partnership with a well-known online gift company started in 2019 as they experienced exponential growth and needed support with their case handling. This client experiences a rapid increase in orders throughout the year during certain intervals; our expertise in planning and recruiting the right people quickly enables TCC to ramp up to ensure their customers are serviced during these busy periods with minimal impact on the customer’s wait time.

Our representatives handle customer contacts through email and live chat, answering various queries from WISMOs and incorrect/damaged items, general enquiries and providing guidance to navigate our client’s website. The team average is above the industry standard of 80% for their CSAT scores, with a focus on empathy for each case; quality is an important aspect to ensure our team is up to speed. Online shopping has created an expectation for ease of purchase and a quality customer experience. To ensure expectations are met, customer contacts are, on average, completed within 6 minutes and are resolved without needing the customer to return 90% of the time.

Adapting to the changing climate and customer demands has led to a successful partnership, evidenced in 2021 as TCC and its partner were shortlisted for Best Outsourcing Partnership (Small) at the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards.

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