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National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Category: News

In recognition of National Apprenticeship Week, we would like to highlight the outstanding work being done by our colleagues who are currently undergoing apprenticeships to enhance their skills while working at The Contact Company (TCC).

Apprenticeships are essential in assisting our colleagues in advancing their careers. Our Training Lead, Elaine Baddeley added:

“Apprenticeships play a crucial role in the growth of TCC. They equip our staff with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to excel in their roles and have successful careers. Our apprenticeship partners provide highly adaptable programmes that are customised to meet the specific needs of our business and colleagues. They offer hands-on training, one-on-one coaching, and group workshops to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.”

We currently have 24 colleagues at various stages of their apprenticeships, all thriving and enjoying opportunities to improve their skills. We have witnessed the positive impact of apprenticeships on both our colleagues and our business – here’s what our colleagues have been saying:

Imogen O’kneafsey-Garcia – Bank Trainer
“The apprenticeship has given me an in-depth understanding of valuable transferable life skills, such as self-reflection in pursuit of personal growth. I feel confident in my ability to deliver quality training.”

Samantha Williams – Senior Team Leader
“I have recently completed my first week of my apprenticeship program, during which I focused on a module about self-awareness. This week has been very insightful and has changed my perspective on how I interact with my team. Through the use of various psychometrics, I now have a better understanding of their learning styles. I am excited to see how this experience will progress and I appreciate TCC for giving me this opportunity.”

John McQuaid – Bank Trainer
“The apprenticeship has provided me with an opportunity to evaluate my abilities as a trainer. It has challenged me, but also equipped me with the skills to improve. I am grateful for the support of my colleagues and an experienced tutor, and I can see the progress I have made. I hope to continue to grow and develop in this role.”

Phil Ives – Communications Executive
“After completing my apprenticeship, I can confidently say that I value everything I learned and the overall experience. I was able to enhance my skills and knowledge, which has ultimately made me more capable in my role, and has given me the confidence to deliver work to a higher standard. I highly recommend doing an apprenticeship as it provides not only job-specific skills but also skills that can be applied in daily life.”

Working with JC Training Consultancy, our colleagues have been receiving fantastic coaching and teaching to help with their apprenticeships, here’s some words from them:

“We at JC Training love the working relationship we have built with TCC over the past 2 years. The hard work and dedication the learners have shown to their apprenticeship and the work they have provided have been fantastic. It’s great coming into the TCC building and delivering face-to-face sessions to the learners – this is the bit we love best.

We have some learners about to complete their End Point Assessment, some halfway through and some just starting their apprenticeship journey with us, and we are so proud of them all. Long may our amazing working relationship continue!”

We have also recently partnered with MBKB Training to maximise the apprenticeship opportunities we can offer our colleagues. They had this to say about their approach to apprenticeships:

“MBKB is an Ofsted Outstanding training provider that delivers programs that are tailored to suit your company’s vision and values. We have collaborated closely with TCC to develop a customised program based on our expert tutors, technical knowledge, and experience. We offer an unparalleled training solution and exceptional customer service.

We believe in prioritising life and putting people first in everything we do, from our team to our apprentices and employers. Alongside TCC, we provide guidance, support, training, and coaching to help their apprentices become the best version of themselves.”

At TCC, we believe in investing in our people and their growth, recognising that they are the key to our success. Apprenticeships play a crucial role in enhancing the skills of our workforce, imparting valuable skills they can utilise throughout their lives.