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The Contact Company Introduces Menopause Champions

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Last month we launched a training programme in partnership with Health@Work and Menopause 360 Consultancy to introduce Menopause Champions at The Contact Company (TCC).

At TCC, we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our colleagues. Already having Mental Health Champions, the addition of Menopause Champions means we now have the resources to support on more fronts.

We are introducing Menopause Champions to raise awareness, boost knowledge, promote early intervention and eradicate the stigma.

Our champions got a lot out of the workshop, with Debbie Moore, ARC Coordinator, saying: “I didn’t realise how little I knew about menopause and its impact! I found the training informative and the trainers approachable and open for discussion, creating a relaxed training environment.”

Kevin Horgan, Head of Operations, added: “Being a husband and father of three daughters, and having many female friends and colleagues, it was important to me that I had an understanding and appreciation for the challenges of menopause, which are unseen and rarely spoken about. As we grow and our lives change physically and mentally, I wanted to ensure I had the correct understanding to offer support when needed.”

Our champions have the tools and the confidence to open discussions about menopause issues and support a colleague who may be in emotional distress. They are there to listen without judgement, remaining neutral and maintaining confidentiality. They have the resources to encourage professional support, signposts for self-help strategies, and spot early signs.

Nine colleagues took part in this workshop, with more Menopause Champions planned in the future. Our Training Team is also creating a course for all managers to open the conversation further, raising awareness and enabling our managers to further their understanding, access resources, and gain skills to support their colleagues.

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