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Employee of the Month May 2023: Lauren Langton

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Lauren Langton, The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for May!

Lauren is a Customer Service Representative on one of our fast-paced Financial Service campaigns and has received this month’s award for clearly displaying our company values of Trust, Courtesy and Communication.

Our client had nothing but positive words to say about Lauren showing that she developed a great partnership based on trust as they highlighted that they were impressed they were with Lauren’s complaints handling. Lauren is courteous, supporting her colleagues through a transitional period and has shown excellent communication skills speaking clearly and concisely to customers and her colleagues. Her colleague continued by saying:

“Lauren was helping me with tasks and noticed others around her taking time completing notes etc. She took it upon herself to sit with them and provide help and support to better their stats (this has shown improvements) – she did this in a supportive and understanding way. The team took on-board her help and changed their screen setups to help with their case handling.”

Supporting her colleagues was a significant factor in why the panel selected Lauren as this month’s winner; they added: “Lauren, without direction from her team manager, supported her colleagues showing her true nurturing character, supporting her own growth and those of her team members. She cares about her work and is a team player.”

Lauren’s Line manager was thrilled to hear that she had won, saying: “Lauren has shown true dedication to her colleagues, using her downtime to assist her colleagues and share some best practices to assist her team members individually but also assisting the team in reaching their objectives as a collective. I’m blessed to have a team who all support each other, and Lauren is a massive driving force embodying the true meaning of our TCC values.”

Congratulations, Lauren, you are doing an excellent job and deserve to be May’s Employee of the Month!

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