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Employee of the Month February 2023: Jemma Palmer

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Jemma Palmer, TCC’s Employee of the Month for February!

Jemma is a Team Leader on one of our busy retail campaigns; she has been selected as this month’s winner for going above and beyond her role, not just in the office but outside. Jemma was on her way home when she received a message from a colleague regarding a former member of her team who needed medical assistance. Rather than continue home, Jemma went to the location of her colleague. She provided details to the paramedics to ensure they received the correct treatment and care – in her words: “I wouldn’t have been able to settle without knowing they were alright”.

Jemma’s selfless character stood out to our judging panel: “The situation with Jemma and her colleague who needed medical help was nothing short of unbelievable. The way Jemma went out of her way (outside of work hours) shows how unselfish she is and how she puts the needs of others before all else.” Another of our judges added: Employee of the Month, for me, is someone who goes above and beyond; reading the nominations, it was clear that this is Jemma. Jemma is a shining example of someone who is caring, responsible and dedicated – she truly is a credit to TCC.”

Jemma’s qualities have been identified by her campaign members and colleagues in other areas of the business: “Having witnessed Jemma’s interactions on a repeated basis, it is clear to see how well she engages with her team. I always see her providing feedback and ensuring that her team are supported. She can always be spotted on her floor, wearing her Team Leader Gillet, making it clear that she is available to support. She is courteous to every person she comes into contact with; this goes for all colleagues at all levels. For me, she would be a Team Leader I would not hesitate to introduce visitors to when they tour our building. Her enthusiasm for her role is infectious, and I can see that she genuinely cares about the people within her team, the campaign and the wider business. She very much displays our values every day.”

Jemma’s line manager was delighted to hear that she had on saying: Her dedication to our operation and the management of her team is an inspiration to others. She consistently goes above and beyond for the staff in her charge both inside of operational hours (and out). Jemma has no doubt set the benchmark regarding how Team Leaders should conduct themselves to get the best out of their team and the broader operation. Well done, Jemma, keep up the great work!”

Congratulations, Jemma, you are a credit to the company and a deserving winner!

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