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Employee of the Month January 2023: Katie Bradley

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Katie Bradley, one of our Employee of the Month winners for January!

Katie is an Operations Manager on one of our Financial Service campaigns and has worked at The Contact Company for eight years. During that time, Katie has embraced our company culture and values of Trust, Courtesy and Communication and is a much-valued and well-respected member of our Management Team.

From her nominations, it was clear that Katie works hard and gives 100% daily; the judging panel highlighted that Katie was a role model and that her team value her. Katie received multiple nominations from her peers, colleagues, and clients; here are just some of the fantastic words they had to say:

“Katie is dedicated, courteous, and always delivers above and beyond our expectations. The campaign has delivered on all KPIs (key performance indicators) for nine consecutive months, resulting from Katie’s hard work, determination, engagement with her team and championing her team’s success.”

“Katie is always focused on supporting development and has helped me settle into my role as a TL. She is always encouraging me and others and pushes us to do better. She has an amazing relationship with our clients, which has made communicating with them much easier, making the campaign even more successful. She is always there if we ever need anything and works so hard – she is genuinely focused on developing partnerships and supporting TCC’s reputation.”

“Katie has helped me deal with many challenging situations whilst I’ve been a TL, and she has done it fairly, respectfully, and appropriately. She is always supportive and someone I and others can reply and depend on at all times – no query is too big or too small, and she always helps with a smile.”

To receive such feedback from our clients and colleagues is a testament to the fantastic work Katie has been doing. Katie’s line manager was overjoyed to hear that she had won, going on to say:

“Katie is a delight to work with. She is an extraordinarily talented individual who has worked incredibly hard to progress to her current role and is always extremely successful. Katie does not leave any stone unturned and delivers to an exceptional level. She is an inspiration to her team and her peers. It is not unusual for me to continuously receive positive reinforcing messages from her client in recognition of the role and support she delivers to TCC and the client and their business – she is an ambassador for us all. I am thrilled that Katie has received this recognition and has the chance to gain more exposure across the wilder business. Well done, Katie, super proud of you.”

Congratulations, Katie, you have been doing a fantastic job and fully deserve to be January’s Employee of the Month!

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