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Employee of the Month January 2023: Adam Wallace

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Adam Wallace, another of our Employee of the Month winners for January!

Adam is a Real Time Co-ordinator in our Resource Planning Department and has been a part of the team for just over a year in that time, he has built a reputation for being “Mr Reliable”. His colleagues have pointed out how he has fully embraced our company values of Trust Courtesy and Communication going on to say:

“Adam shows Trust every day as he can be asked to do any job and he will do it, there is never an issue with anything he is asked to do. He shows Courtesy by always being polite, even when pointing out something has been done incorrectly that has caused him more work. He shows Communication by always raising issues straight away, if that person is not available, Adam will send an email detailing exactly what the problem is so that they are up to date.”

Adams’s colleagues highlight how he is as a character and how he has come out of his shell since moving to the team:

“Adam has become more vocal in the office since joining the team and has valuable input in various tasks. Adam is one of the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet! Every conversation, task, and query is dealt with most professionally and is always the first to pick up additional tasks and offer support where needed.”

Adam’s line manager, Matthew was thrilled to hear that Adam won adding:

“I am delighted that Adam has been selected for this award. Since joining the real-time team, Adam has proven himself as a dependable and trustworthy colleague, who Is always eager to help. Everybody knows that Adam’s your man if something needs to be done right. Especially in the last couple of months, we might have faced some stern challenges without Adam’s reliability and integrity. The very definition of hard-working, I can’t think of anybody who deserves this recognition more than Adam.”

Congratulations Adam, you have been doing a fantastic job and deserve to be January’s Employee of the Month!

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