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Employee of the Month July 2022: Michael Simmons

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for July 2022, Michael Simmons!

Michael is a Customer Service Representative on one of our retail campaigns and has been chosen as Employee of the Month (by our judging panel) for embodying our company values of Trust, Courtesy and Communication. Michael is a valued member of the team and how he engages with his colleagues stands out above all else – his colleagues go on to say:

“Mike does a great job; he treats customers with diligence and respect and is also on hand to help his colleagues – supporting them in their roles. Mike shows great patience which extends to his support on the helpdesk where he always explains and resolves technical queries which may be out of their grasp (namely me). Alongside this, he has a cheerful word to say to everyone and will often bring in home-baked brownies or other goodies to share with others on the floor – he even brings in tongs to make sure he is being hygienic and covid safe when offering them. He doesn’t do any of the above for reward or promotion, just because he is one of the world’s good people.”

Michael is a true people person and is a popular figure on the campaign who brings joy to everyone he communicates with. Michaels’s line manager goes on to say: “Michael is a hardworking and enthusiastic person who goes out of his way every time he is on shift to bring fun and laughter to the campaign – Michael is an asset to the campaign and the company.” Michael’s Operations Manager added: “Michael is a hard-working valued agent on Argos Retail who covers our help desk often. He embodies our values by displaying integrity and sincerity, treating people with respect and dignity, acts fairly and properly whilst being reliable and honest”

A well-deserved winner, congratulations Michael!

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