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Employee of the Month June 2022: Roy Parry

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for June 2022, Roy Parry!

Roy is a Team Leader on one of our e-Retailer campaigns and was chosen by our panel as The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for embodying our company values of Trust, Courtesy, and Communication. Roy is highly regarded by his team and his glowing nominations meant that the decision to choose him was one of the easiest that our panel has had to make!

Roy is an excellent example of our company values and shows this every day through his treatment of colleagues. One colleague said: “I always look forward to working on shift when Roy is present, as I know any troubles I have, I can count on him to give me the best support and advice as needed.” Not only does Roy work hard every day, but he does so in a kind and polite manner, leading him to be so highly regarded.

Roy takes great care in communicating with his team and provides support wherever needed. His line manager says:

“Roy has been a member of my team for a while and has cemented himself as a father figure in the team. Agents will go to him for advice on work and personal issues as he is a great listener and will always help. Roy is forever calm – I’m not sure I have seen him frustrated the whole time I have worked with him. This calmness is echoed in his work, with a drive to do well but does not seem to break under pressure.

Roy is the Excel king of the campaign, and honestly what he can do is not short of magic, muggles like me will never understand! Roy will be more than happy to help anyone with a spreadsheet and is absolutely the go-to in the team when that one cell is not doing what it should do.

Roy is caring, a family man, always grounded and is a perfect member of my team.”

Congratulations Roy, you are certainly a worthy winner of our Employee of the Month!

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