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Employee of the Month March 2022: Daniel Radcliffe

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for March 2022, Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel is a Customer Service Representative on our new financial service campaign and has been awarded this month’s award for embodying our core values of Trust, Courtesy and Communication.

Daniel has made quite the impression with the client who themselves nominated Daniel for his “attitude, aptitude and drive” stating that he is a “real asset to The Contact Company and the campaign.” Our client went on to say:

“Having now been training Dan for the 4 out of the last 5 weeks, I can genuinely say he has been an absolute pleasure to have in the training. The main reasons for this are:

  • During the first week in training, Dan’s laptop was faulty, but he still managed to pick up the systems- at times quicker than most of the other trainees who had systems from week 1.
  • Dan is very quiet and wouldn’t always speak up to provide answers unless asked directly; however, I challenged him (in week two) to be more assertive and actively volunteer at least 3 answers per day, which he then achieved. After this, though he is now a lot more vocal in the room he will still allow others to answer and if no one does, he will then speak up.
  • Dan was the 1st person in the group to complete his full sign off for all 3 modules (7 calls) and when the others were still getting signed off, Dan went on the phone solo with my support in the room, he showed no nerves and only asked for support a couple of times and this was re-assurance rather than technical help.

Daniels’s drive to learn is second to none”

Daniel is a real credit, showing how he embraces our culture and how he has adapted to the training and to work on a new campaign.

Not only has Daniel impressed the client, but also his colleagues who go on to say: “It has been a pleasure to have Daniel in the group. He has picked up the knowledge and campaign with ease and he came on leaps and bounds in the training room and the live floor. Daniel is a great guy to work with who will help anybody where he can!”

Congratulations Daniel, you are truly a worthy winner!


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