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Employee of the Month April 2022: Matthew Donohue

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for April 2022, Matthew Donohue.

Matthew is a Team Leader on one of our telecommunication campaigns and has been awarded this month’s award for embodying our core values of Trust, Courtesy and Communication.

Fully embracing the company values, Mathew is a role model on the floor- keeping his colleagues engaged and motivated. Matthew’s line manager expands upon this:

“It’s been a challenging month and a half, but Matt has been determined and a credit to the campaign. Matt takes time and consideration to give support to his colleagues whether they be on his team or not as well as the operation.

Matt’s always on hand to offer support, jumping in to support me whilst handling his work- this includes weekly business reviews, supporting and delivering Team Leader buzz sessions, and HR meetings, to name just a few.”

Matthew has also impressed our HR Department who had this to say:  “From an HR perspective and my involvement with areas that Matt has been responsible for, I have seen a dedication to his role and to the colleagues he supports. His written documentation/communication is thorough; he evidences an understanding of what the colleague needs and what TCC needs. Every piece of documentation is where it should be and completed to a high standard. Matt shows a strong and consistent work ethic that makes processes smoother and easier to support.

If I could utilise Matt as the template for what great looks like, I would. I know that his OM and CCM have also recognised his commitment to his role. We need to ensure we recognise talent, and Matt’s shines through each time I’ve worked with him.”

Matthew’s Line manager finishes by saying: “I can honestly say that I don’t think the department and our peers would be in the same positive position we are now if it wasn’t for Matt’s input to the campaign and the courtesy he displays daily. I know that our team would agree and say the same.”

Congratulations Matthew, you fully deserve to be this month’s winner!


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