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Amir Mirza: Supporting Orphans in Need

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Our Head of Audit Risk & Compliance, Amir Mirza made the incredible journey to Nepal with Orphans in Need to support the effort in providing food parcels to widows and children who are in desperate need.

Here’s what Amir had to say about the whole experience:

“We left for Nepal from London on Monday 14th of March. There were 8 volunteers from all over the UK and 4 workers from Orphans in Need. After 3 plane rides and 36 hours of travelling, we arrived in Biratnagar in the South East of Nepal. This is one of the most underdeveloped areas of the country and is where Orphans in Need are based.

We were welcomed with garlands of flowers by a reception committee of children and locals- it was beautiful and humbling.

The next day, we travelled for an hour (by car) into one of the rural areas where the distribution point had been set up. Over 500 widows and their children were there waiting for us. We began by putting together the monthly packs for each beneficiary. Each pack contained essential food items to feed a family of 5 for a month- this equates to 150 meals. The packs consisted of 20kg Rice, 10kg Flour, 3kg Grain, a box containing oil, spices, sugar and much more.

Once the packs were put together, we then had the task of distributing these to each of the families that had made the journey from their villages to the distribution centre. The 38-degree heat was intense, but for us, this was just a taste of what the amazing local teams do day in day out across the year. We finished the day tired, exhausted, and emotional, especially after seeing how vital this aid is for these communities.

We went to a different area on the second day, this time over 600 people were waiting for our arrival. We were taken to a stage where we then introduced ourselves and why we had come to Nepal. For me, I explained how my mum was a widow and as I looked around at all their faces, I could see my mum’s face reflected back at me. For me, this is a duty of care and we owe it to each other to take care of one another. If we see every mum and every orphan as our own, this world would be a less lonely place. It was an emotional speech, but it was from the heart, and they appreciated it. Over the course of these 2 days, we distributed over 2000 packs.

Every year, Orphans in Need provide over 1 million food packs to people in desperate need. Without Orphans in Need, communities would starve, and children wouldn’t be able to attend school and get the education that every child deserves.

When you see people with so little yet they can show so much love and respect for you, who are trying to support them, it’s both heartrending and life-changing. As a team, we have experienced something that will inspire us and remind us forever of why charity is important and why we must keep doing whatever we can, for whoever we can, for as long as we can.

On day 3 we left for Katmandhu to begin the journey back. We spent the last night there and the next day, reflecting on the last 2 days and enjoying the beauty of this special place before heading back.

The volunteers and the people of Nepal that I met have changed me for the better in so many ways.  Orphans in Need gave us an opportunity to see charity in practice and the more I learnt about them, the more I fell in love with the people that are involved and the people they help. They do this not just in Nepal but in 14 other countries and it is my sincere hope that I get the opportunity to visit each of these countries and do more for widows and orphans everywhere.

What this world needs and will always need is more love. Charity is love, it’s learning to love people you might never meet, to speak up for those that don’t have a voice and to help those that need it, unconditionally and equally.

One week is all it took to go there and back, to do all that we did and to feel fulfilled in a way I’ve never known before. Nepal is a beautiful country, with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

I owe a lot to everyone that has supported me from my family, friends, colleagues, and strangers, I can never repay the experience and memories I’ve been given which will be with me forever.

I’d like to give a special mention to my colleagues at The Contact Company. The fundraising through tuck shops and raffles has been incredible and has made such a difference which I’m blessed to have seen first-hand. Everyone we have helped through the fundraising will be praying for all of you who have helped through your donations or by taking part in the fundraising. Your support had made such a difference and the world is made better for it.”

This is an incredible story, and one Amir should be proud of. As well as physically showing his support, Amir has been fundraising with a target of £3000. So far Amir has raised an amazing £2300 in just 4 weeks, but the fundraising doesn’t stop there.

You can still help Amir reach his target for this incredible cause by donating on Amir’s JustGiving page here or Amir’s LaunchGood page here.

Update: As of 31/03/2022, Amir achieved his target of raising £3000 for Orphans in Need!