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Employees of the Month December 2021: Cris Montgomery, Christina Lee and Leon Lonsdale

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for December, Cris Montgomery, Christina Lee and Leon Lonsdale.

For the first time, we have three Employees of the Month. Our judging panel were so impressed with the nominations for Leon, Cris and Christina that they unanimously decided that they all deserved this month’s prize.  Here’s why all three were worthy winners:

Cris Montgomery

Cris is a Business Analyst and is part of our IT Department. He has received this month’s award for his efforts in managing a campaigns CRM system and finding solutions to alleviate a business-impacting situation.

Cris’ dedication to the goals of the company is evidenced in how he works outside of his working hours, doing many late nights to ensure that fixes to the CRM system go-live whilst having minimal impact on the operation- making sure our colleagues can use the system smoothly so we can offer the best customer service possible.

An integral part of the IT department, Cris’ line manager went on to say: “In keeping with our values of Trust, Courtesy and Communication, it is extremely pleasing to see that Cris’ efforts, commitment and drive has been recognised by other members of staff. Cris always put every effort into finding a workable solution to problems presented and works closely with both his colleagues in operations and the client, to deliver consistently Well done and keep up the great work.”

Christina Lee

Christina has recently been promoted to Team Leader on one of our financial services campaigns and has received this month’s award for how she has adapted into her new role showing great communication skills and supporting her team. Christina has an excellent work ethic, her colleague goes on to say:

“Christina started as a Team Leader a month ago and has proven herself. She spends a lot of time helping her team to improve and is genuinely invested in their performance. Through my observations, I have seen her take feedback on board and work hard to implement it for the benefit of her team.”

Building great relationships with everyone, Christina is a delight leaving a “little sparkle” wherever she goes. Christina’s colleagues added: “Exceeding expectations, Tina is proactive and has spent time building a good relationship with her team and colleagues- nothing is too much trouble.”

Leon Lonsdale

Leon is part of our Audit Risk and Compliance Department as one of our Coordinators and has received this month’s award for his efforts in helping the business achieve three ISO certifications from our target of two. Leon’s work in developing and reviewing the data protection management system has been integral and it’s thanks to his hard work and incredible work ethic that we achieved these accreditations.

Not only is Leon a hard worker, but he is also an approachable person who is happy to help. His colleagues had this to say: “Leon is always polite, thoughtful and well mannered. Nothing is too much trouble, and he will always come back with rationale accompanied with helpful solutions”.

Leon has also shown that he is a team player with his colleagues going on to say: “We have just completed our ISOs for the business, which was very hard to achieve, but Leon kept communicating, updating us on where we were up to, what was left to do and kept us all on the right track.”

Cris, Christina and Leon are all worthy Employees of the Month and fully embody our core values of trust, courtesy and communication. Congratulations to you all and thank you for all that you do.


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