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Employee of the Month October 2021: Paul Woods

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for October 2021, Paul Woods!

Paul is a Customer Service Advisor on one of our busy telecommunications campaigns who has been awarded Employee of the Month for embodying The Contact Company values of trust, courtesy, and communication.

Paul is a dedicated individual who always arrives for his shift and on time. Quietly getting on with his work, Paul doesn’t recognise his contribution to the company, but his efforts have not gone unnoticed. Pauls campaign manager had this to say:

“Paul is an exceptional advisor who has gained the respect of his peers through his work ethic and kind demeanour. Paul has had an impeccable attendance and lateness record and is never in a place of concern with performance. Paul always makes sure he is up to speed and delivering on behalf of our client. Paul will not recognise his impact on the campaign, but the management team do every day and appreciate the contribution he has made over the past few years.”

Paul’s unwavering dedication to doing the best in his role was something that stood out when the panel was making their decision. Paul’s nomination mentioned that he is a “pleasure to work alongside” and went on to say:

“With Paul, I can trust he will always follow the needs of the campaign, he will always be someone we can rely on to deliver without delay and with great results. Paul is a quiet and courteous man who has an excellent reputation for our campaign. When I’ve spoken to his peers, they have all highlighted how much time they have for him due to his pleasant attitude and demeanour. People can go out of their way to be courteous, but with Paul, I find it’s just a natural part of his values.”

A worthy winner whose nomination stood out amongst the rest, congratulations Paul and thank you for all that you do.