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Employee of the Month September 2021: Kayleigh Parle

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for September, Kayleigh Parle!

Kayleigh is The Contact Company’s Learning and Development Co-ordinator, working within our Training and Development Department. Kayleigh has been awarded Employee of the Month for embodying The Contact Company values of trust, courtesy, and communication.

Kayleigh is a valued member of the team, and across the business. Kayleigh has built a great relationship across all our departments by “delivering on her promises, adhering to deadlines and keeping everyone in the loop”. Kayleigh’s colleagues had this to say:

“Kayleigh has recently supported me to deliver a clients request for training in a very timely manner. What was more impressive was that the initial plan had changed several times. Instead of panicking, Kayleigh remained professional and wasn’t afraid to pick up the phone to talk about solutions. Kayleigh proactively moved sessions around to accommodate the changes and did so in a positive and friendly way despite the challenges we faced”.

Kayleigh’s nominations mentioned that she is a team player and goes above her job role by supporting areas of the business that may be short-staffed as well as stepping up within the Training Department. Kayleigh’s line manager said: “This is not something I asked her to do, but she identified where she could help and has taken on that role. It has been appreciated by us all.”

The judging panel were impressed by Kayleigh’s unwavering determination to support those around her with a smile on her face. Head of Site, Karen Russell had this to say:

“I don’t know how Kayleigh does everything she does with a smile, even if she is having a challenging day, she will always be the person motivating others and taking a genuine interest in them. Covid was an excellent example; Kayleigh had her own stresses and challenges, but she was the person who helped the Training Team (and a wider audience) by putting things in perspective, cheering people up, and was determined to come back into the office when it was safe and able to do so. The training function, and I, could not survive without her. She is a whizz on the training plan, she succeeds where many give up, and she’s a pleasure to work with”.

Congratulations, Kayleigh, and thank you for all that you do