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Employee of the Month June 2021: Keeley Jones

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for the month of June, Keeley Jones!

Keeley is a Bank Trainer on a fast-paced retail campaign and has been selected as Employee of the Month for embodying our company values of trust, courtesy and communication each and every day, along with her personable approach and her extremely positive influence on new colleagues in her role as trainer. Her colleagues explain more:

“Keeley always delivers on her promises and fully supports those around her, always going above and beyond to ensure that her team’s jobs are fulfilling and ever-growing. The level of trust the Advisors have in Keeley is amazing. Keeley is always aware of how others may feel; she has a way of considering each and every individual around her and is always respectful and courteous to colleagues… or to anyone for that matter! Keeley is very approachable and is no stranger to pretty much anybody in Kingsgate or Queensgate. Keeley expresses her opinions professionally and will go out of her way to help others understand any communications they’ve not quite understood. She is truly one of the friendliest people you’ll ever know.”

The selection panel were particularly impressed with how much the nominations centred around her friendliness and approachability. As a Bank Trainer, Keeley is often one of the first people new colleagues meet and the selection panel commented that it seems Keeley delivers the “wow factor” from the very first minute they start their journey at The Contact Company.

Contact Centre Manager Mark Houghton commented: “I have witnessed Keeley’s training style first hand and she always sets the right tone in her sessions. It is clear to see that her friendliness and positivity has made a genuine impact on those around her.”

Keeley’s colleagues stated that the word limit for the submission for was simply not enough to express why Keeley was a worthy winner and referred to her as being a “breath of fresh air”.

Congratulations Keeley, and thank you for everything that you do!