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Employee of the Month July 2021: Miki Carter

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for the month of July, Miki Carter!

Miki is a Team Leader on a busy retail campaign who has been awarded employee of the month for embodying The Contact Company’s company values of trust, courtesy and communication.

The nomination commended Miki on how she had dealt with a very difficult and sensitive issue that a colleague was experiencing. Whilst the nomination was written carefully, in order to keep the issue confidential, it did explain how Miki took it upon herself to handle the issue, despite the colleague not being her direct report. The nomination states that Miki kept information extremely confidential and that she was always compassionate, courteous and respectful when communicating. The colleague in question described Miki as her “lifeline”, showing the enormous impact her guidance had. It goes on to say that Miki spent time building a relationship with her and picked the right time to discuss sensitive matters or talk about the support we could offer. This ensured that the employee trusted Miki and felt comfortable sharing personal information.

Head of HR Claire Singleton pointed out that this was not a day to day issue that Team Leaders regularly deal with, but that Miki had clearly handled it well and with sensitivity.

Head of Site for our Kingsgate building Karen Russell described Miki as a “well-rounded Team Leader who is always willing to help and can be trusted with anything”. She commented that it is clear that “Miki always wants the best for her team” and that this was evident when reading the nomination.

Miki’s line manager Operations Manager Gareth Wyn Jones praised her for her approachability and friendliness, and pointed out that she is always there to support her colleagues and the campaign. Gareth commented that “all the clichés are true when it comes to Miki. Nothing is too much of a chore for her; she goes out of her way to provide support to anyone who needs it, whether that is in her role as a Team Leader, a First Aider or a Mental Health Champion”. Gareth went on to say that “Miki has a very bubbly, outgoing personality, and she is always smiling. Her personality is infectious, and her positivity makes a big impact on the campaign. In a nutshell, she goes above and beyond in her role every day”.

Congratulations and thank you for all that you do, Miki.