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The Contact Company Unveils Testing Facility for Colleagues

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Last month The Contact Company unveiled its on-site COVID-19 testing facility for essential worker colleagues operating from the office.


Throughout the pandemic customer service professionals have worked tirelessly, keeping the nation connected with their phone providers, banks, retailers and more, in what  have been extremely challenging circumstances. The Contact Company has invested in implementing home working for many, whilst also investing heavily in numerous solutions to keep those colleagues working from the office safe.

The most recent of these investments has been The Contact Company’s decision to implement a dedicated, on-site lateral flow testing facility in partnership with Dave Goodman and the team at Approved PPE.

The facility, which has been fully operational since mid February, is open to employees without symptoms, and allows The Contact Company to quickly identify those colleagues who may be carrying the COVID-19 virus asymptomatically.

Head of Audit, Risk and Compliance at The Contact Company, Amir Mirza, explains more: “One year into this pandemic and as a business we have adapted well to the challenges this has brought.

“From the very outset of the pandemic we reconfigured our business and invested heavily in creating a safe, secure working environment for our colleagues through the implementation of home working, the creation of desk pods alongside other amendments to the way in which our physical environment was structured, a very intensive cleaning and hygiene approach, and a raft of measures all aimed at keeping all employees safe and protected. We involved colleagues from across the business via our employee forum to deliver any thoughts, suggestions and concerns each step of the way, and we acted swiftly upon these. Safety and security are always at the forefront of our planning, and the lateral flow testing is one such example of the proactive steps we have and continue to take to prevent and manage the risk of infection transmission within the workplace.”

“Through proactive testing we have helped identify and mitigate further cases of infection, demonstrating not only our commitment and responsibility to the local area as an employer, but to the wider region of which we are a part of. Working with Approved PPE we have also identified and implemented a number of new innovative solutions across the past year, which can be seen around our business; these include anti-microbial nano skins, which provide complete protection on common touch points, as well as infra-red buttons to replace push buttons. We have trialled new products, and we continue to find ways to innovate and provide assurance and confidence to our colleagues, our clients and the local region we are an integral part of.”


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