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Employee of the Month January 2021: John Harbourne

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for January 2021, John Harbourne!

John is a Customer Service Advisor on one of our busy telecommunications campaigns and has been with the company for 7 years.

John was nominated by his colleagues for setting a fantastic example, upholding The Contact Company’s company values each and every day. His colleagues explain more:

“John is a reliable, hardworking and respected Advisor who has become a cornerstone of our campaign. John is capable of progression- having a lot of life and work experience- but by his own choice he has decided he does not want to progress as he enjoys his role as is. He enjoys supporting people; this combined with his experience and knowledge of the campaign makes him a regular candidate for floor walking and grad bay support. John has a way of communicating with people which puts them at ease. Each time a new group arrives we regularly check in on how they are feeling and whether they are happy and comfortable with the support they have been receiving and John’s name is often up in lights.”

“John is a very humble man and wouldn’t recognise the contribution he makes, but when I think of The Contact Company’s values of Trust, Courtesy and Communication, John portrays each one. For 3 years I have trusted John to support our newest and most vulnerable staff members, knowing he is the best person for the job. John is also so courteous and respectful to anyone he comes across. Finally, in terms of communication, John’s communication style is fantastic: it’s comfortable, it’s friendly and it’s respectful. He has a way with people and can deliver all types of feedback whilst keeping the individual motivated, focussing on the positives and how to improve.”

“John has an amazing work ethic. Floor walking is a popular activity amongst colleagues, but many a time I have found John to have taken the initiative to jump back on calls to help support the guys as there is enough cover on the floor. He doesn’t believe in being idle and if there is other work to be done he is the first to volunteer.

John is someone who will advocate for The Contact Company. He has worked in many roles over the years and with that understands the bigger picture of how companies work. You will often find that he will pro-actively de-escalate a potential situation before it evolves, because he can offer reason into why things are done in certain ways and colleagues react well to this from their peer. John truly is a star.”

Thank you, John, for all of your hard work and support.