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Top-notch Customer Service: How Does it Help your Business?

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Customer service requirements are unique to every business.

For some companies, the goal may simply be to provide enough Customer Service Advisors to meet the high-demand and frequency of customer interactions- and if that’s what your business requires, then that’s OK! But, in an age of social media, there are also a number of reasons for providing your customers with the best possible experience, to benefit both your customer and your business…


Repeat Sales and Customer Loyalty

The happier your customers are, and the better their experience, the more likely they’ll be to stick with you and re-purchase- simple!

“80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers” (Gartner Group)


Higher Pricing

Customers are more likely to accept slightly higher prices if they feel that they are being offered something above and beyond. If it’s necessary to put the prices for your product or service up, then why not offset the effect of the higher prices by offering a better customer experience.

“55% of customers would pay more for a better customer experience” (Defaqto Research)

Relationship Marketing

With an abundance of platforms available for customers to publish their opinions (review sites, social media etc.), the customer experience has never been more important.

Happy customers are advocates for your brand and customer endorsement is an extremely influential form of marketing. When it comes to brands, people trust the opinions of existing customers above all else.

“It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one, unresolved, negative experience.” (Understanding Customers, Ruby Newell Legner)


Increased Moral/Employee Engagement

And it’s not just customers who benefit from top-notch customer service…

By immersing themselves in the brand, and really buying in to the purpose of the product/service, your Customer Service Team will genuinely care about the brand and, ultimately, your customers.

A culture of exceptional customer support can lead your employees to feel engaged and driven, knowing that they have gone above and beyond to help your customers. If your Customer Service Team are working in synergy- with this goal in mind- they’ll begin to feel a real sense of purpose and achievement.


If you think we could help you with your customer service requirements, then simply get in touch!