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Customer Feedback: Why it’s Important and How to Ask for it

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You know what they always say: “the customer knows best”! So, why is customer feedback so important and what’s the best way to get it?
Feedback from customers offers a number of valuable insights- all key to the improvement and growth of your brand…


It Allows you to Make Improvements

It’s always wise to make improvements based on customer feedback. Your customers have no loyalty to the brand and no reason to hide their thoughts- which means they have no reason to withhold what they really think!


It Identifies Customers at Risk

Customer feedback reveals which customers are the most dissatisfied and, therefore, which customers are the closest to leaving. Every customer is important and knowing which ones are unhappy allows you to turn the situation around for them, and hopefully retain them as a result!


It Identifies Customer Advocates

On the flip-side, it also allows you to pin-point who your customer advocates are. With the rise of social media, customer advocates are becoming increasingly important and relationship marketing is key.


It Measures Customer Satisfaction

After converting the raw customer data in to graphs and charts, you’ll have a clear view of how satisfied your customers are and which areas need the most improvement.


So how can we ask for it? There’s a number of ways you can go about getting that all-important feedback:


Email/”Contact-Us” Form

Some customers may feel more encouraged to leave feedback via a contact form. As there are usually no specific questions, it allows the customer to give as much open and honest feedback as they would like. Be sure to thank the customer for their feedback and respond where appropriate.



Surveys are best for quantitative data; allowing you to pin-point trends and popular opinions in just one glance, once the data has been compiled.


Website Activity/User Analytics

The beauty of tracking your website activity is that the customer doesn’t need to get in touch and tell you about this, you can find it out for yourself! This type of feedback will most certainly be honest, as it’s observing patterns in natural service/product-related behaviours.


Feedback in Person/Customer Interviews

Some customers may choose a more personal approach, by visiting store, or speaking to an Advisor/employee over the phone to voice their feedback. In these cases, your employees should be aware of how to respond as the customer will expect an immediate response. They’ll also need to record all feedback/information given and cascade this to the relevant department.
Your brand may also choose to be pro-active by creating a team to visit customers and ask about their thoughts/opinions.


Social Listening

There are two ways to gather feedback from social media: The first, is to conduct a survey, or to ask for customers’ opinions. The second, is to keep on top of your brand name/service/product and to record any feedback given. It’s important to respond to any feedback given through social media, be it good or bad.


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