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Employee of the Month, June

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for the month of June, Jade Critchley…

Jade is a Team Leader on a busy retail campaign and has been nominated this month by her team members for her attitude and her care for her team. Here’s just some of the things they had to say:

“Jade is an incredible Team Leader and an amazing member of staff. She always takes time to come over to people and see how they are. Jade goes above and beyond for all of the Agents on the floor: she will come in, say hello to everyone and then throughout the day she will walk around the floor asking individuals how they have been and how their day has been. She really listens and does what she can to help.”

“She is fab at her job; always so helpful, understanding and caring towards her team members and anybody else on the floor. Jade has been so good to work with and made the transition into my job a pleasure.”

“She is always there to give me or anyone else help and goes above and beyond to make sure we have all the information we need, so that we can get the query resolved for the customer as soon as possible. Jade always makes sure that I feel comfortable in work by doing my risk assessments with me and helps me to calm down if she can see I’m having a stressful day/time, simply by having a chat with me.”

“[Jade is an] absolute credit to the company. If you have any queries at all, she is the first to offer help and will walk you through it to help you learn how to do it for next time, instead of always just doing it herself.”

“Jade is an amazing Team Leader. Whenever anyone needs help on a call, Jade is there; and if ever a customer requests a Manager call, Jade is usually their first option because she is so good at what she does. I trust Jade with anything- she is a lovely, genuine person who really deserves to be Employee of the Month.”

“Jade always goes the extra mile to make sure we are all enjoying our job and she coaches us to make sure we are all doing well.”

“Jade always goes above and beyond for her team and always has time for anyone who needs help.”

“Personally, Jade has been instrumental in helping me recover from a mental health relapse and has helped me back into work by organising my time, letting me have space when I need it and just generally being there for me.”

The Contact Company CEO, Asif Hamid MBE: “The nominations explain how you always do everything you can to support your team through both their work and non-work-related issues. You also look to empower your employees with the skills to support themselves. One employee commends you for the support you give to her when she is particularly ill, whilst another compliments you for frequently completing risk assessments with her, ensuring she is safe and comfortable at work. Offering support in this manner is important to the business and I am pleased you are doing it so consistently. I can praise you no higher than the nomination which simply reads: “I trust Jade with anything”. To have earned your team’s confidence in this manner is a testament to your leadership skills.”

Congratulations, Jade, and thank for your hard work!