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Employee of the Month, December

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for the month of December, Luke Halpin.

Luke is a Real Time Analyst on a busy financial services campaign and has recently been praised for going above and beyond his job role to create a report for the campaign’s Operational team, on top of his daily tasks, which has since helped drive efficiency.

Two of Luke’s colleagues explain more: “Alongside his everyday role, we can ask Luke for help at anytime. He has produced a report that has saved the Team Leaders on the campaign time; it’s easy to read and the Customer Service Advisors have enjoyed seeing their statistics in graph form, as well as stand-alone figures, and are keen to have copies so they can look for their own improvements.

I think Luke deserves recognition for this, as he didn’t have to help us. He completely exceeded my expectations as to how the report would look and work.”

“Luke works within the Resource Planning team for our campaign and regularly goes well and truly above and beyond his job role to improve the efficiency of the campaign. He recently made a brand new report for us to use for the Advisors’ Month-End Reviews, saving us a whole load of time each month.”

The Contact Company CEO, Asif Hamid MBE, commented: “It is clear that your peers hold you in high regard, for they commend you on your ‘approachability’ and broad technical knowledge; however, it was the report that you recently created for the campaign’s Team Leaders that was truly ‘over and above’ your role. Your user-friendly report allows Team Leaders to view their team’s statistics with greater ease and speed than they have previously experienced. It has enabled Team Leaders to spend more time coaching their teams and, thus, has significantly improved the efficiency of the campaign. Moreover, I know that Customer Service Representatives have also welcomed the report, enjoying being able to see, for the first time, a visual representation of their week’s statistics and targets. For all of these reasons and more, you have truly had a significant positive impact across the Company.”


Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Luke!