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10 Things Successful Employees Do

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What is it that sets successful employees apart from the rest? How did they manage to bag their dream job? Well, we’ll let you in on a few of their most simple tricks…


They Turn-up on Time

Showing-up on time is a key trait of a responsible employee. If you progress, there may be more events/important meetings you’ll need to be on time for. Anyone who takes you in to their team will want to know that you can be trusted to be there- on time! The most successful employees build routines, and stick to them, to ensure they’re always on top of their day.


They Look After themselves

We all know the types of things we need to do in order to look after ourselves: drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise, look after your mind, spend time doing things you enjoy, etc… If you look after yourself, you’ll find yourself with a lot more energy, providing you with the fuel you need to get ahead.


They Dress for the Job they Want

Yes, it may be cliché, but that doesn’t make it untrue! Look to employees in the jobs you want: what are they wearing; how do they interact with others; how do they carry themselves in the workplace? Of course, we’re not suggesting you become their carbon-copy (scary), but if you adopt a more professional demeanor, it‘ll put you in good stead.


They Get to Know People and Get Involved

Really “mucking-in” with the team is the best opportunity to get to know both your colleagues and the business. Whether in the form of charity/voluntary work, business improvement projects, or team celebrations, it’s always good to get involved! Making friends also means making allies- you never know whose help/support you may need in the future.


They Don’t Compare themselves to Others

Just because someone has been with the company for less time than you, doesn’t mean they’re undeserving of a promotion. If you become too concerned with how other people are doing, you’ll become bogged-down with negative thoughts and this could affect your motivation.


They Support Others

Supporting the work and achievement of others is important; there’s no “I” in team… right? If you’re solely concerned with your own achievements, you’ll fail to see the bigger picture. Successful employees recognise the importance of each different role, making it their priority to support others and work together to benefit the organisation.


They Listen to Feedback

The most successful employees welcome feedback and make positive changes in response. After all, how can you ever expect to improve without understanding where you could have done better?


They Get Things Done

Procrastinating can really hurt your ability to get things done. If you want to be successful, seize the day and go for it. Focusing on minutes, rather than hours or half-hours, is a useful way to ensure you’re making the most of your day. Scheduling tasks in your calendar, as opposed to creating to-do lists, can you also help you stick to a plan.


They Record their Accomplishments

No one is going to do this for you. If you want to progress, you need to prove that you deserve to and that you have the ability to. Make a case for yourself by keeping a record of all of your suggestions, projects, implementations, positive feedback, results etc. Before attempting to progress, make sure you’re excelling at your current job. Once you are, record your achievements and present them to the right people- simple!


They Take (and Create) Opportunities

If you’re expecting your dream job to be handed to you on a plate, just because you turn-in each day, you’ll be waiting a long time! You need to get involved and prove yourself first! Opportunity is defined as a set of circumstances that make it possible for you to create something for yourself; opportunity doesn’t come to you, you go to it…