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Employee of the Month, November

Category: Employee of the Month

Congratulations to The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for the month of November, Amy Carr.


Amy is a Campaign Trainer on a busy retail campaign. This time of year is a particularly busy time for this well-known supermarket chain, but Amy has taken it in her stride.

The Trainer recently received a hand-written nomination from a colleague of hers whom she had trained.They described Amy as extremely dedicated and let us know how supported and developed they felt, and how engaging her training content was.

CEO, Asif Hamid MBE, commented: “It is clear that at the time of the year when your workload is at its most demanding, you have worked tirelessly. Your training is engaging and you have the ability to make complicated subject matter accessible. I was delighted to hear that you “never stop” organising different activities for your trainees, and that even with this, you still set aside time to support people in their aspirations to develop within the Company.

It is particularly important that, in addition to their training skills, our Trainers constantly promote a positive image of the Company.   The respect which your trainees have for you makes it clear that you do exactly this. For all these reasons and more, you have truly had a significant positive impact across the Company.”


Thank you for all your hard work, Amy!